5 Gnarly Mountain Bike Rides Near Breckenridge

By: Nicole DeCesare // 6/15/2021

Are you looking to up your mountain biking game this summer? Finally, after miles of the same dusty, sun burnished single tracks you are ready to take it to the next level of gnarly and find a steeper, rockier, log filled trail that promises glory. Good news! Breckenridge offers you this opportunity, and all at temperatures 20–30 degrees lower than what you will find in other mountain biking meccas around the region in the high summer. Here are five of our favorite next level “gnarly” mountain bike rides near Breckenridge.

Wheeler Trail – a grueling test of endurance

The first thing to consider is that a large chunk of this trail is above 12,000 feet in elevation so there is a serious altitude consideration. Do not make this your first ride if you are coming from lower elevations. There are incredibly steep climbs into a couple of sections and equally steep descents as well. A long stretch is above tree-line, so take great care planning as thunderstorms can be dangerous. Ten miles of one-way single track from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain offer over 2,000 feet of elevation gain and rewards you by dropping over 3,500 feet on the way down. Do not attempt this trail if you are not in great shape and an extremely experienced biker.

B-Line – the technician’s dream

B-Line is a very short one-way, downhill trail which is part of the trail system around Boreas Pass Road and Carter Park. Don’t let its length (.4 miles) fool you though! Wedged between the Hermit Placer Trail and Moonstone Road, B-Line is all about the features. B-line is short, but it is studded with wooden obstacles, jumps, berms and other “technical” features that will surprise and delight even the most accomplished technical riders.

Colorado Trail Segment 7 – Miner’s Creek – cross the Tenmile Range (if you can)

Running from Farmer’s Corner to Copper Mountain, this trail is another above treeline lung buster that offers some of the best views in the county. This trail is very similar to the Wheeler Trail and even intersects with it, but this one is part of the Colorado Trail that runs for 567 miles from Denver to Durango, so you can score some bragging rights for riding a section of such a cool trail.

Spruce Creek Trail – “rooted” in difficulty

Have you ever been riding and then all of a sudden hit a root and found yourself on the ground wondering how that happened? Imagine a descent that is so filled with roots that there is no chance of missing them. Fun, right? This 2-mile one-way trail is mostly downhill and that hill is mostly roots. Located just south of Breckenridge, this trail is easily accessible and is a fun and challenging ride. Be careful as it is also popular for hikers as well.

Great Flume Trail – where history and mountain biking meet

The Great Flume Trail is the “easiest” trail in this list but that does not mean that it is easy for everyone. As its name implies, this trail follows an old 1800’s mining flume. The Great Flume trail offers glimpses into Breckenridge’s mining past as well as a technical single track that runs just over 4 miles through mine tailings (loose rock fields), technical, rocky sections and steep descents.

If these gnarly trails in Breckenridge give you pause—have no fear! Whether you are an advanced or beginner mountain biker, Breckenridge has trails for all abilities. So, come up, cool off and enjoy some mountain biking in the High Country.

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