By: Brirttany Degraff 07/14/21

If you are looking for a way to view the fall colors while zooming down singletrack trails, we have you covered. Breckenridge is known for its world-class mountain biking, so why not take in those spectacular fall colors on a bike! We have five trails or loops listed below that are fantastic ways to go leaf peeping. Not all trails are suitable for new riders, so make sure to fully read about the trails before heading out for a ride.

Aspen Alley: Aspen Alley is one of the most iconic mountain bike trails in Breckenridge. This downhill trail is lined with aspens and is a great way to take in the fall colors. While this trail is two-directional, we highly recommend treating it as a downhill only trail. It is rated blue, so we would not recommend this for beginners. For more information on Aspen Alley, go.

Flumes Loop: The Flumes Loop is a combination of trails that will take you through the Highlands neighborhood in Breckenridge and provide majestic mountain views—it’s a perfect option for beginners. This is a multidirectional trail and is extremely well-marked. For more information on the Flumes Loop, go here.

Frisco Peninsula Lakeshore Loop: This loop provides great views of Lake Dillon, the Tenmile Range and trees turning on Tenderfoot Trail. The trail runs clockwise and is 6.1 miles total. This is a green/blue trail, so it is great for beginners but will provide some challenging sections. For more information on the Frisco Peninsula Lakeshore Loop, go here.

Baker’s Tank Loop via Boreas Pass: This loop is great for beginners and is 50 percent road, and 50 percent single track. It takes you up Boreas Pass road where you will get stunning views of the Tenmile Range and aspens lining the road to the Baker’s Tank trailhead where you will take singletrack back to the start. This is a 6-mile ride. For more information on the Baker’s Tank Loop via Boreas Pass, go here.

Classic Breckenridge Route: This 100 percent singletrack, 12-mile trail is perfect for anyone with mountain biking experience that wants to see some of the best fall sights. This route can be ridden in either direction, but there are sections that are downhill only, so we recommend the counterclockwise direction. Because of the complexity of trails we also recommend downloading the MTB Project app and having it along with you. For more information on the Classic Breckenridge Route, go here.