Dress like a Breckenridge Local

The reality: You will see a copious amount of these brands and styles listed below. This guide is here to help you remain low-key and blend in like a local. Truthfully, I’m not sure we really care what you wear… except for maybe those giant fuzzy boots.

The truth: Wear what you want. We’re just happy you’re experiencing this gem we call home.

So, here’s the breakdown of what to wear on your vacation to Breckenridge. Hopefully this can serve as a packing list (if this doesn’t help, check out our winter packing guide here) but don’t fret if you don’t own these things. We have PLENTY of ways for you to spend your money here.

Homegrown style: Wearing anything native to Colorado is key. Brands like Melanzana, Loki, SmartWool and FlyLow Gear are all Colorado-made products and sure to win points. Don’t have these things to pack? Take a short trip to Leadville and visit the Melanzana store. This homegrown small company designs, cuts, sews and sells everything themselves! How cool is that?!

Footwear: You’ll see everything here from the hippie Birkenstock or Chaco to the fanciest Sorel. Anything in between is fine, so long as you can walk comfortably. Our terrain is mostly trails or icy walkways. We suggest leaving the Moon Boots and Stilettos at home.

Layers: Currently we are in that perfect weather storm. Wearing a beanie and down jacket to work in the morning and not knowing how to carry it home in the afternoon is a common struggle this time of year. Our weather changes frequently and FAST. So, if you layer properly you shouldn’t have to worry. Brands don’t matter so much in this situation, but your down coat should probably say Patagonia or Arctery’x if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re hipper than that, you’re probably wearing FlyLow, Kuhl or Trew.

Western wear: Although we aren’t as down with western wear as, say, Steamboat Springs, we’ll dig your Frye boots and that cute Brixton hat (for the ladies). Men, us girls can always dig a cowboy amiright? So, feel free to slide into some Levi’s and throw on your western boots; We won’t hate it, we may prefer it compared to the snowboard style we’re so used to.

Eye protection: We can’t stress this enough. We don’t care what you wear for eye protection, just WEAR IT. Same goes for sunscreen and lip balm with SPF and/or anything with zinc oxide. Our favorite brand is Dermatone  – and get the tin, it’s cooler (not literally) and much easier to apply on the face, if you need. Walking around at 9,600 feet and skiing over 10,000 feet in the winter brings you that much closer to the sun, and those sunburns can ruin a vacation here too – not just at the beach.

Reusable water bottle: Not only are we saving the planet one reusable bottle at a time, but the tap water in Breckenridge is amazing. Hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your body at altitude. You’ll see all the primo bottles (Klean Kanteen, Hydro Flask and Yeti), but we accept if you have your favorite Nalgene from high school covered in stickers.

Don’t forget…

  • A daypack (for days on the hill or for hikes)
  • Smart phone for pictures
  • Ski/snowboard equipment (for the winter… just to clarify)

Other than your daily essentials that only YOU know you need, we think we’ve got you covered. Have we missed anything? Looking forward to seeing you during any season in Breck, and hopefully we won’t even know you’re just visiting!

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As the rest of the country swelters in the summertime scorch, folks in the High Country are comfortably basking in Breck’s inviting warm rays and cool mountain breezes while enjoying activities on the slopes… or, while relaxing on a deck soaking in the views of the slopes…. with a refreshing mixy in hand. Why do these ten short weeks cause Breckenridge-lovers to fall even harder for these perfect peaks? Mother Nature serves up summer in Summit on a silver platter of ideal weather for all who enjoy having fun in the sun (which means there’s no need to roast in unbearable heat or lock yourself away in an air-conditioned basement). Because you guys rock, the BOB staff scrupulously scoured local watering holes and lapped up countless cocktails in the name of research, enabling us to confidently bring you the best of Breck’s summertime bevvys. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, and we would never let you down.

  1. MODIS: Known for being one of the swankier places on Main Street, Modis has one of our favorite roof decks in town. Lounge on one of their comfy couches while you take in the uninhibited views of the mountains. We give their happy hour an A+!
    • Staff Favorites: Butcher Block appetizer and a French 75 cocktail.
  2. SOUTHRIDGE SEAFOOD: Now located in La Cima mall, Southridge is still serving up Breck’s finest seafood, but now boasts one of Breck’s best decks for dining (and drinking). With the only raw bar in Summit County and some of the best happy hour deals, you will want to make sure to stop in. 
    • Staff Favorites: P.E.I. Mussels (their signature dish) and a Watermelon Marg (or three).
  3. BURKE & RILEY’S: Enjoy traditional Irish fare, generously made libations and a second story deck in the heart of town. Burk’s is open late, making it a prime spot for nighttime munchies. This restaurant serves some authentic Irish foods like fish and chips as well as Shepard pie. They hae a large patio with some of the most amazing views of Breckenridge as well. If you’re looking for a great place to eat and mountains scenery, this place is the place to go! 
    • Staff Favorites: Irish Stew entrée and a traditional Moscow Mule.
  4. NAPPER TANDY’S: Warm up by the fireplace, play some pool, get a game of darts going or try to beat our high scores at Big Buck Hunter while enjoying one of town’s most popular spots. Napper’s has one of the tallest, most spacious decks in Breck and is a great spot to catch the sunset. Make sure to check out their sister restaurant downstairs, Salt Creek, for yummy breakfast and classic Irish meals. 
    • Staff Favorites: Chicken Finger Basket and a Green Tea Shot.
  5. BANGKOK HAPPY BOWL: It’s hard not to be happy when you’re admiring mountain views while munching on a plethora of authentic Thai dishes including curry, sushi and wontons. We also enjoy their happy hour pricing and occasional live music.
    • Staff Favorites: Pad Thai and Purple Haze Sake.
  6. BLUE STAG: This local hotspot offers both a back deck to view the sunset on and a front deck with a fire pit, where you can choose to eat or warm up by the fire pit. The Stag is one of the prime places to grab a wood-fired pizza, which is served until midnight. Play a game of stump out front if you’re feeling rowdy!
    • Staff Favorites: N.Y. Buffalo Wings and a nice tall B.Y.O.-LD Fashioned.
  7. FLIPSIDE: Boasting the best burgers in town and three floors of seating plus a full bar and outdoor patio, Breck’s new burger joint is as tasty as they come. The coolest part (pun intended) about Flipside is that they make MILKSHAKES. And, yes, you can get them with booze. As a matter of fact, they list suggested liquor pairings alongside their unrivaled shakes.
    • Staff Favorites: Blueberry Pie Shake (with Huckleberry Vodka) and the Flipside Burger.
  8. RMU TAVERN: Rocky Mountain Underground is definitely Breck’s most popular up and coming bar. Featuring a huge deck with tons of seating in the front and an entire yard to play in with another FULL bar, hammocks, lounge chairs, regular live music, and cornhole out back, you’ll never want to leave. Shop while you sip and enjoy the truly unique ambiance of RMU. Charlie is our favorite bartender and serves tasty drinks!
    • Staff Favorites: BYOF (grab a pizza from Giam’s) and the Ginger Spice cocktail.
  9. ROBBIE’S TAVERN: Nestled on the slopes in the Grand Colorado Resort on Peak 8, Robbies is quickly becoming Breck’s top ski bar and restaurant. Owned by locals who know their stuff, this spot comes complete with a huge deck lined by fireplaces. If you’re grabbing lunch while enjoying Epic Discovery or you’re hitting the bar after a long hike, Robbie’s is the place to go!
    • Staff Favorites: Mac N Cheese (with pulled pork) and their famous Bloody Mary.
  10. KENOSHA: This spot rocks one of the best and biggest decks in town with plenty of seating and Breck’s only horseshoe pits. Bring the whole family down for some fun in the sun while you enjoy their amazing happy hour deals and famous steak.
    • Staff Favorites: Brewhouse pretzels and the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde Ale.

Whether you’re outdoorsy in the sense that you like drinking on patios, or you’re an enthusiastic mountaineering activity junky, the decks of Breck have just the thing to quench any thirst you might work up as you celebrate the locals’ favorite season. This is REALLY good news for those of us who like to keep it cool while sipping on scrumptious seasonal fusions without a care in the world (well, maybe one: reapplying sunscreen after activities… or, in between rounds). It’s time to grab your drinking shoes and maybe even pack some biking, climbing, hiking or water shoes, too. The best time of year in Breck is upon us, and anyone who doesn’t get up here will be thirsty (and sweaty) until those flakes start hitting the ground.

Just over 2 weeks until Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Opening Day. The countdown to November 11, 2016, is on! 

Breckenridge Ski Resort is scheduled to open November 11, 2016, and town is buzzing with excitement especially after Arapahoe Basin’s opening day last week! I think it is safe to say we are all getting eager about the upcoming weather change while still holding onto the last precious moments of fall.

Check out the below for the day’s activities plus tips and tricks to make the best out of the first day of the ski season!

It actually all starts Thursday, November 10, at 7:00 a.m. with Wake Up Breck. This year is Breckenridge’s 13th Annual Wake Up Breck. Start out your morning before opening day with a delicious cup of FREE coffee and a FREE commemorative coffee mug. Only 1500 mugs are available while supplies last so make sure you get out early. A list of participating coffee shops should be updated here very soon!

Make sure to get to the resort early! The resort will kick off the ski season bright and early at 8 a.m. with live music at the base of Peak 8. Make sure to get your pass either in the mail or get to the resort nice and early to avoid the long lines of having to print your pass. The ribbon cutting ceremony and first chair will start promptly at 9 a.m.

Check your gear! Don’t want to forget one mitten, one pole, or one ski! But that’s not all. Check your pockets and make sure you didn’t leave your pass in another jacket. For more information on what not to forget and how to be safe out there, check out our Opening Day blog.

Get that body ready! It’s your first day out, and if you are like us, you might not have prepped as much you should have. However, make sure to get your legs warmed up the day of with some early morning stretching. And fuel that body with a good breakfast. Want to start early? Read our Shape Up for Ski Season blog to get a bit of a head start.

That’s it! Come join us with donuts and coffee on Opening Day and get in those first turns of the season. Most importantly, have a little fun while you are at it. Also, remember to check the weather before you head out, you might not need those extra layers, but don’t forget the sunscreen for your face! We’ll see you soon!

If you are planning a trip to Summit County to ski and ride this year make sure to visit breckenridgediscountlodging.com for the best deals on lodging! To read about what’s new in Summit County for this ski season, click here.

Alpine Garden 2Summit County’s high-alpine climate is no match for even the greenest of thumbs. The harsh environment that creates much of what we love about the mountains can also limit plant growth significantly. But, there’s hope for your garden after all. It wasn’t easy, but the staff at BOB has broken down the four most essential Do’s and Don’ts of gardening in the high country with the most success and simplicity.

  1. DON’T SLACK ON YOUR SOIL. In case you didn’t notice, it’s super dry up here. Therefore, the soil lacks water and nutrients, making it tough for vegetation to mature, so give your soil a little TLC. Use premium topsoil mixed with manure, compost, nutrients and mulch. For overly acidic soil, throw in a little bit of wood ashes, too.
  1. DO BREED SPECIFIC BUDS. With Breck’s beauty comes thinner air, cooler temps, sudden changes in weather conditions and many other challenging factors for a green thumb. Certain types of plants are more likely to succeed in such a climate, especially if purchased locally, making them more likely to have adjusted to the extreme conditions. What should you fill your flowerpots with?
  • HERBS:
    • basil, chives, dill, lovage, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary sage and thyme
    • ANNUALS: clarkia, cosmos, dahlias, pansies, petunias
    • PERENNIALS: aster, catmint, columbines, edelweiss, flax, irises, lupines, lilies, poppies, tulips
    • arugula, beans, carrots, chard, garlic, lettuce, onions, peas, radishes, rhubarb, potatoes, spinach, turnips (avoid tomatoes!)
  1. DON’T CARELESSLY PLACE YOUR CROP. DON’T GROW YOUR GARDEN JUST ANYWHERE. Pay attention to where you position your plants. Is there a draft nearby that could lead to an untimely wilt? Are there windows close enough by to give it sun? How much sun, though? Is it direct or indirect? If you’re plant needs to be outside, how are you combating issues like wind, animals and varying temperatures? This is all crucial for getting your bulbs to blossom.
  1. DO SET YOUR SPROUTS UP FOR SUCCESS. Take heed of the type of plants you are growing. Research the different plants in your garden. Take note of how they’re affected by environmental conditions like weather and seasons, and find out how much water and direct or indirect sunlight maximizes their growth at high altitudes. Use fertilizer regularly, monitor your seedlings and re-pot or add soil as needed. If you’re trying your luck with herbs, they’ll excel when kept well-drained, in the sun and protected from wind. When growing blooms, note that seeds can take two years to mature. Plant seeds in the late fall and/or flowers no earlier than mid-June. Veggies grow best with proper irrigation and in risen beds.

Now you’re ready to get growing! For more specifics on how to care for each type of plant, check out High Country Gardens and the Summit County Garden Club. You can even become a member, meet some pretty cool people, share gardening tips and recipes, as well as purchase a community garden plot. As your plants flourish, so will your green-thumbing skills, so get up here and get started!

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Part 3 of the First Call, First Chair series: Paradise Found! Breckenridge has received over 8 feet of snow so far this season! Get up here and find your paradise…




Grand Colorado Fitness Center

Summer has finally made it to Breckenridge and Summit County. June has been mostly dry but little cooler than usual. Now that it is past Kingdom Days we are at last into the true summer season. There are so many outdoor activities in Breckenridge and the surrounding Rocky Mountains; it is easy to overlook the huge lake that is right in the middle of Summit County.

Lake Dillon was built in 1963 by Denver Water to store water for Denver and the Front Range. It is the largest body of water in Summit County and one of the largest in the state. Lake Dillon has 27 miles of shoreline and 2 marinas. It is known as a challenging spot to go sailing each summer, hosting numerous races and regattas.

Lake Dillon although popular is often overlooked as a prime fishing destination in the summer. The lake is overshadowed by the many rivers, streams and lakes that dot Summit County’s landscape including the Blue River a Colorado Gold Medal river.

What makes Lake Dillon such a great family fishing spot is the ease of access, lack of special fishing regulations like those found in most Mountain Rivers and high alpine lakes, friendly boating regulations with rentals and tours available and most of all the diversity of species found in the lake. At different times you can fish for Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout, Kokanee and Koho Salmon, Walleye Pike, Char, catfish, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass and other species.

Shore fishing offers easy access from many points in the county. There is free parking at many points around the lake. It is said the fishing is the best in the early summer between mid May and early July. For shore fishing, the best fare for the fishies is good old fashioned worms. Use a bobber and test your length from the hook until you find success. There are tons of smaller fish close to the shore but the big ones are a little further out. Use a weight and hook for bottom fishing and keep your line tight so you can feel bites. Later in the season troll a Rapala lure near the feeder creaks of the Blue, Snake or Ten Mile dump into the lake for large trout.

If you are so inclined, rent a boat and get out into the lake. This is a great spot for trolling. This is most effective in the later season and will produce big brown trout, Kokanee and Walleye Pike. Even if you don’t catch fish it’s an impressive experience to just be out on the lake.

Fishing is a time honored family activity that everyone should try at least once. If you are looking for a different High Country experience try fishing in Lake Dillon.

Don’t forget that you do need a fishing license in Colorado if you are 16 or older. You can pick them up at many locations throughout Breckenridge and Summit County.

Monday, November 11, 2013 by Mark Grattan_1Snow! And plenty of it is falling on Breckenridge and Summit County! The new ski season is off to a roaring start. 49 inches of snow have fallen on Breckenridge so far this year. Wow! That is going to make for an amazing opening week here.

There is currently snow in the forecast for multiple days this week and we are hoping the big, early start continues.

Opening Day was awesome. There was plenty of tasty goodies including Bavarian cream stuffed Nutella éclairs, courtesy of the Ski Hill Grill, Nature Valley Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares, complimentary coffee provided by Starbucks, and other prizes. Hundreds showed up to carve their first turns of the season on opening day.

Currently Breckenridge is sporting an 18 inch base and is offering skiing and riding on Peak 8. There are 5 lifts running and there is skiing on 7 runs comprising a total of 127 skiable acres right now. Open runs include Springmeier, Crescendo and the Park Lane Terrain Park. More is opening every day so check the Breckenridge terrain report for the latest updates.

Breckenridge was not the first ski resort in Colorado to open. There are other areas open and by Friday all four ski resorts in Summit County will be open. Here is the scoop on all of the best skiing around Breckenridge.

A-Basin was the first ski area to open in Colorado this year and has an 18” base with 6 runs open. Both the Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Lifts are open and the Lenawee Face is open which is pretty fun early season skiing and riding.

Loveland Ski Resort has already had 65” of snow this year. That’s what you get when you are at the top of the Divide. Loveland is sporting a 20” base with 6 runs and 3 lifts operating lift 2 with access to the mid station.

Copper Mountain is sporting a 22” base and has only seen 14” of snow so far this season. The snow total is coming up even now over in Copper. Copper is reporting 3 lifts operating with 4 runs open for skiing.

Winter is back in Breckenridge and we are off to a great start. Come join in the celebration of winter, strap on your skis and boards and get some!

For discounted lodging packages all year long, make sure to visit: www.breckenridgediscountlodging.com