Why Travel to Breckenridge in 2021?

By: Nikki Dickison

Twenty-twenty. Wow. What a year it was! While it would be easy to label this year as one of challenge or hardship we can instead look back at all of the lessons learned, innovations and how we cultivated hope for a brighter future. As a human race, we have overcome A LOT. We’ve adapted to this “new normal” we live in and are ever-evolving as changes come our way seemingly each day. 

At the start of this new normal, it seemed taboo to travel. It didn’t feel right and no one knew what to expect – We have acclimated. We have learned how to mitigate risk and move forward with our lives in the safest ways for ourselves. Now, we may be a little biased, but the mountains, and more specifically Breckenridge, is quite possibly the best place to travel in 2021. Breckenridge invites you safely with wide open spaces and with the implementation of our PURO™ UV Disinfection Lighting technology – and more specifically Breckenridge, is quite possibly the best place to travel safely in 2021.


Here’s a list of reasons why you should travel in 2021 and why Breckenridge should be your destination: 

  1. Perfect Destination for Social Distancing: It’s important to feel comfortable doing activities where you may not be familiar. It’s a given that skiing, being the most popular activity in Breckenridge, is achievable to do in a safe manner. But, the list of safe activities truly do not stop there. Check out the complete list in my other blog, “Local’s Guide: What to Do in Breckenridge This Winter.”
  2. Outdoor and Indoor Dining Experience: While select restaurants in Breckenridge are now available for 25% capacity indoor dining, the outdoor dining experience is thriving! You can find tons of places all around Breck with tents, heaters, fire pits, individual dining domes and so much more. Bundle up and let the good times roll!
  3. Curbside Check-in: The Grand Colorado on Peak 8, Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and Grand Timber Lodge are all offering curbside check-in to make your stay that much more simple and safe.
  4. BGV Shines: In an effort to increase transparency and build trust, Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV) has introduced BGV Shines, their innovative and ever-evolving health and safety program that raises the bar for hospitality cleanliness, while ensuring the well-being of every owner, guest and employee. The company has partnered with PURO™ UV Disinfection Lighting to deliver hospital-grade lighting technology capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses through UV lighting—giving their staff the ability to disinfect a space of any size including residences and public areas. BGV is proud to be the first in the hospitality industry to implement this technology for the safety of their owners, guests and employees.
  5. Support Local Business: The town of Breckenridge’s shops are (almost) always small, local businesses. With times like these, it’s important to support these small businesses and support the town of Breckenridge. Help us keep Breckenridge unique and local. 
  6. New Ullr Statue: Be a part of history! In November 2020, Breckenridge unveiled the new Ullr Statue at the base of Peak 8. Pictures will never do the statue justice… I promise. Be one of the first to see the statue in  2021!
  7. In-room Kitchens/Kitchenettes: Each room at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 has its very own kitchen or kitchenette. This means dining in and cooking with the family is ALWAYS an option. 
  8. Ski Rental Delivery: Ski Butlers is your go-to ski/snowboard gear delivery service that provides some of the best gear in the industry. They will greet you on property and pick your equipment up once you are finished. Read more about how Ski Butlers is going above and beyond to make your experience as easy and safe as possible. 
  9. Reconnecting:  This one is something we have all been longing for. This could be reconnecting with people close to our hearts or reconnecting with nature. It’s so, so, so important to surround yourself with things that make you happy now. This year is the year to redeem yourself, safely.
  10. Stress Relief: It is no secret that 2020 was a stressful year. There are several health benefits of visiting a new place. Escaping your everyday routine promotes stress relief that lasts long after you’ve returned home and unpacked. Studies show that people who have gone on a vacation report better sleep, are less anxious and feel happier, even weeks after returning. It doesn’t stop there – travel is also proven to reduce your risk of heart disease, promote physical activity (get your cardio in!), boost creativity and so much more!   
  11. Unforgettable Memories: As a child, my family made it a priority to make sure we traveled somewhere each year. This wasn’t always (if ever) a luxurious, expensive trip. As a family, we stayed at beautiful lodges as well as highway motels in the middle of nowhere. No matter where we were, those will forever be my fondest memories. Those are the memories I think about when I think of warmth, funny stories and so much more.
  12. Use Vacation Time: Did you know that as of 2018, 55% of Americans did not use all of their paid time off? Let me reiterate—that’s time you could have gotten PAID to vacation. Were you part of that statistic? Don’t let that happen to you in 2021, Breckenridge awaits!