A Local’s Guide: the Highest Distillery in the World

10.06.2020 // by Nicole DeCesare & Nikki Dickison

Sitting at 9600′, Breckenridge Distillery is the highest distillery in the WORLD. Pretty cool, right? They even blend water from the Rocky Mountain snowmelt into their booze for “mineral infused perfection.” Whether you’re a bourbon snob, whiskey drinker, rum kind of guy (or gal), gin fanatic, or a strict vodka drinker, this place seriously has it all.

From their award-winning Bourbon to their flavored vodkas and down to the culinary experience in their restaurant, your taste buds will be jumping for joy. Cleanse your palate and get ready to do some tasting, Breckenridge style.

Take a VIP Tour

The distillery offers VIP Tours starting October 8th, where you (alone, or with 8 of your closest friends) can attend an hour long private tour that will exceed all of your expectations, and it could very well make all of your wildest dreams of tasting the best distilled booze in the world come true! Not only will you get a true behind the scenes look at the entire operation, but you will find yourself leaving feeling like a master distiller. Not to mention, the tour includes complimentary tastings of products that are still aging and haven’t even been released to the public yet. Convinced yet?

*Don’t forget to call ahead and make your reservation!

We had the pleasure of enjoying a private tour and tasting, and our “booze guide” was a riot! All the employees there are very knowledgeable, personable and a blast talking spirits. We tried basically everything they had with zero remorse. Here are our favorites:

Breckenridge Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskeys

  • Taste: SMOOOOOOOOTH. Warm, pronounced aromas of under-ripe banana and brown sugar with subtle, spicy notes of white pepper and toasted sesame.
  • Fun Fact: This bourbon is one of the most highly awarded craft bourbons and has one of the highest rye contents on the market.
  • **If you enjoy this one, try the Distillers 105 High Proof Blend.

Breckenridge Gin

  • Taste: Fragrant. Delicate floral notes layered throughout the profile. The juniper body is balanced with notes of bright citrus and complimentary spicy undertones.
  • Fun Fact: It has been deemed “the Gin for people who hate Gin.” Give it a shot.

Breckenridge Vodka Chili Chile

  • Taste: Smoky. Turkish Chili meets Colorado-grown Pueblo Chili to bring you a worldly taste on the palate.
  • Fun Fact: Mix this with Tree Line Bloody Mary Mix and you will be hooked. The BEST Bloody Mary we have ever tasted.

Breckenridge Bitter

  • Taste: Exquisite. The bitters strike a remarkable balance of alluring aromatics, herbal and bittersweet flavors. Some swear that it starts off sour and turns sweet, and others say it goes sweet to sour. Try it for yourself!
  • Fun Fact: Won Best in Show at the 2014 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition. We aren’t surprised.

This entire experience was a BLAST. It’s the perfect idea for a date night, family outing, “Sunday Funday,” and much more. Click here for more information.

Looking for a more exclusive and in-depth experience? Book a VIP after-hours tour with a group up to 9 people and go explore! You will also learn a more detailed explanation of the history and science behind their products. Even sample unique products that they do not sample with the public (definitely our favorite part).

Up to 9 people: $200

Click here to register for an After-Hours Tour.

Breck Distillery added on a restaurant in 2016 and has exceeded all of our expectations. They create “Modern American Cuisine with Altitude.” Let us tell you, the food is absolutely amazing. Go for a drink, but stay for the food. It’s an upscale experience that will stay with you long after you leave Breck. This is something you will want to re-create every time you come back. Here are our favorite food and craft cocktail choices:

Braised Short Rib
  • Melt-in-your-mouth-good. Come with cipollini onions, whipped potato and an unreal red wine veal sauce. Must try.
Charcuterie Board
  • Because meat and cheese, duh. It’s honestly the perfect appetizer that everyone is sure to enjoy.
Chocolate Bread Pudding
  • When it’s brought out to you, you can’t decide if you want to devour it or just stare at it all night (because it’s so beautiful)… then, you devour it and have zero regrets doing so. It was delicious and even better knowing it was topped with their very own Breckenridge Bourbon chocolate sauce.
Brussels Sprouts
  • Perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts with hazelnuts and an apple and maple glaze… and BACON!
Genever Juice
  • Hints of rosemary and lemon bring out the complex ingredients in this Breckenridge Gin cocktail. Yup, it’s amazing.
Obi-Wan Old Fashioned
  • Breckenridge Port Cask Finish, in-house whiskey bitters, orange zest and brandied cherry. The Old Fashioned way to make a cocktail, spirit, sugar, bitters and water.
Permafrost Pear
  • Sweet with a hint of cinnamon: Breckenridge Pear Vodka, spiced simple syrup and citrus.

Now that you have the inside scoop about the highest distillery in the world, what are you waiting for? Do your taste buds a favor; schedule a tour, make a dinner reservation, and create memories with friends that will not be forgotten… unless you “accidentally” have one too many. 😉


Special thanks to all of the staff at Breckenridge Distillery for taking time out of their night to humor us while we did some “research.” You were all so hospitable, knowledgeable and friendly. Until next time!
-Nicole DeCesare and Nikki Dickison

*Images provided by Breckenridge Distillery.