Why You Should Travel in 2020

By: Anne Orban // 3.24.2020

Each year I sit down and daydream a list of all the places I want to visit. I usually only hit one or two. This year was no different, I made a list of places I wanted to go and started making travel plans for the months ahead. But life is unpredictable and with all the uncertainty surrounding travel this year we wanted to give you a few reminders of why you should travel once it’s safe.   

Travel is Good for Your Health   

There are several health benefits of visiting a new place. Escaping your everyday routine promotes stress relief that lasts long after you’ve returned home and unpacked. Studies show that people who have gone on a vacation report better sleep, are less anxious and feel happier even weeks after returning. It doesn’t stop there – travel is also proven to reduce your risk of heart disease, promote physical activity (get your cardio in!), boost creativity and so much more!   

Family Bonding Time   

There is something about going to a new place – or returning to one you love – that inspires family bonding. In Breckenridge, this togetherness might come while hiking one of our pristine trails, zipping through the trees at Epic Discovery, or eating together at one of Breck’s familyowned restaurants. Together you can create lasting memories on vacation.   

Gather a New Perspective   

I grew up in the Great Plains – so seeing mountains for the first time changed my perspective on nature in general. Once it’s safe – bring yourself back to the humbling experience in the mountains, feel the fresh breeze on your face and take time to focus on what’s really important. Now, imagine the views of your children and how much broader they will grow when you take them on a trip to Breckenridge 

Try New Food   

You may not know this – Breckenridge is a foodie paradise. There are so many mouth-watering restaurants to try. On Main Street, you can find everything from juicy burgers to delectable sushi. No matter what you are craving, you’ll find it in Breck.   

Breckenridge Your Home Away from Home   

We understand, your travel plans may still be up in the air. Even if you aren’t sure your dream vacation will happen this year, keep dreaming, keep planning and keep smiling. We’re here for you, when you’re ready.