If you’ve been to Breck, you’re probably familiar with the potential issues your body can run into when staying and playing at 9600 feet or higher. If you haven’t been here, you’ve likely heard about altitude sickness and might’ve even brushed it off as a myth. It’s real, it’s not enjoyable, and it can ruin your vacation in the mountains. Whether it’s due to dehydration, lack of vitamins, recently being at a lower elevation or even a drink too many the night prior, there are ways to combat difficulty acclimating at almost two miles closer to the sun than sea level. Since the staff at BOB wants your time in your favorite mountain town to be chuck full of fun, we’ve outlined some tips below to help you and your loved ones stay healthy and hydrated to enjoy all that these peaks provide.



Vida-Flo serves as Breckenridge’s best source for quality, quick and accessible altitude sickness treatments right in the heart of town on Main Street. Known as the leading IV hydration clinic in Summit County, this one-of-a-kind hydration station effectively cures altitude sickness, alleviates hangovers and provides essential fluids and nutrients to keep you healthy, hydrated and happy while exploring the mountains. Not only do their treatments work, but they’ll cure your ailments in just 30 minutes or less AND all IV treatments come with complementary oxygen! If that doesn’t impress you, maybe their outstanding membership options or super economical prices will! Stop in today or call Ryan and his staff at (970) 423-6555 for more information.



Another unique spot in Breck that will help you breathe easier is The O2 Lounge on the South end of town in La Cima Mall.  This serves as an oxygen bar, coffee shop and internet café in a league of its own, offering 90% oxygen sessions with a choice of four aromatherapy fragrances for 15, 30 or 45 minutes.  The oxygen sessions boost blood oxygen levels to help alleviate symptoms such as tiredness, breathlessness, headaches, inability to sleep, dizziness, nausea, jet lag and even hangovers.  They also serve Illy coffee, smoothies, teas, hot chocolate etc. and have oxygen machines to rent and also sell portable O2 cans.  Visit Guy and Sally and their staff on Main Street or call them at (970) 453-6262 or visit their website at



For sleep apnea and more serious symptoms, Alpine Air offers specialized oxygen services to all of Summit County. Select from a wide range of oxygen equipment that can help you catch your breath including: oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, nebulizers, pulse oximeters, respiratory therapy supplies and more. Stop by their offices in Breck on Airport Road or call (970) 453-8423 for more information.


Now that you’re looped in on what resources Breck offers for acclimation assistance, it’s time to pop a multivitamin, hydrate like a camel and get up to Summit County for some serious fun! Don’t forget to book your stay at for the best deals and accommodations in town!

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