IMG_5382Have you ever seen a snow sculpture that is almost as tall as a one story house? Well, you’re in for a treat! The International Snow Sculpture Championships hit Breckenridge starting January 18th! This 26th Annual competition brings 16 teams from all over the world to Breckenridge to show off their carving skills by creating larger than life masterpieces made out of snow and ice. Located at the Riverwalk Center in the heart of Breckenridge, this event lights up the town with gigantic glowing works of art and is accompanied by a “Thaw Lounge” and live music. Here’s the low down on all the happenings.

Stomping Week: January 18th-January 22nd

What is stomping week you might ask? Stomping week is when huge piles of snow are transferred into ten-foot high square molds and transformed into massive cubes that serve as the sculpture teams’ canvases. Snow blowers shoot a layer of snow in the molds, then volunteers climb over ladders into the cube and compact the snow. This is repeated about 20 times until the “stompers” reach the top of the molds. Come volunteer to “stomp” the snow and get a good work out too! This event will close with a “block party” and concert at the Riverwalk center. Hazel Miller will perform for this free event that starts at 7pm.

Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships: January 26th – January 30th

This is the week when viewers have the opportunity to actually see the sculpting action taking place. Each team is hard at work, crafting their cube of snow into a colorful glowing statue that will become part of Breckenridge history. Take turns guessing what each sculpture might transform into or gawk at the amazing progress that is made in just a few hours! On the last night of sculpting, the teams will be out at all hours of the night finishing their pieces before judg ing begins on Saturday, Jan 31st. You also have your chance to vote for your favorite team anytime throughout this week until February 1st at 2 p.m., so make sure to cast your People’s Choice Vote and submit it in a voting jar or directly to a volunteer with your $1 donation in support of the Championships!

Fire Arts Festival: January 28th – January 31st

New this year, the Fire Arts Festivals meets in conjunction with the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Stay warm by checking out all this festival has to offer! These activities include, fire sculptures, performances, demos, live music, and more! Signup for a workshop or check out the scheduled performances and music by clicking here! 

Snow Sculpture Viewing Week: January 30th – February 7thDSC_1603-126-14

Check out all the sculptures in their glory at the Riverwalk Center! These sculptures are radiantly illuminated with vibrant colors at night for an unforgettable experience. The “Thaw Lounge + Music” at the Riverwalk Center will also be open, so warm up inside and grab some postcards and pins while you learn about the origins and history of the 25 year old International Snow Sculpture Championships. There will also be series of live music inside the Riverwalk Center for your enjoyment.

This magical event illuminates 10ft high snow sculptures at night for a unique and fun experience that is sure to be a fond memory for years to come. Click below for more information about parking, lodging and more!

For directions on how to get to the event click here!

For more information on this event click here!



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