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dog sleddingThrills and Spills – by Karah Kidger, Marketing Administrative Assistant

I find that Good Times Adventures is often overlooked by locals. The variety of winter activities offered makes it the ultimate winter fun park. You can choose from over 100 brand new snowmobiles to take out on a guided cruise through miles of scenic pathways that overlook Breckenridge, but my fave by far is the dog sledding. It is an unforgettable thrill that you can share with up to six friends.

You’ll start off with a tour of the dog yard which might even include the chance to play with puppies and meet some of my favorite sled dogs (Marley and Tow). Then you’ll help get your sled team ready. After you’re acquainted with the facility and have had some safety training, two people in your group will start off on the two-person sled. One of you will ride in the bucket seat while the other stands on the back to steer. If you’re in the bucket, make sure the person driving is someone you trust. If they’re going too fast or steering erratically you might just take a spill around sharp corners, so don’t forget to LET GO of the sled if you fall off (I learned that the hard way).

This isn’t for the faint of heart. Zooming around six miles of breathtaking trails on a two-person sled, or alongside in the passenger sled with a team of Siberian huskies leading you, will be an experience that will stay with you forever. My favorite guide is Wes, so definitely request him if possible. Like many service-based positions, guides work off of gratuity, so make sure you tip them!

To book your dog sledding trip call this number 970.453.7604 

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