Ask the Experts: Breckenridge Shopping

Family walking in Downtown BreckenridgeWe asked some of our employees what their favorite store in Breckenridge is, and here’s what they had to say:

Brad Beverlin, Director of Loan Servicing:  My favorite store in Breckenridge is Mountain Outfitters on Ridge Street. They have a wonderful variety of gear/clothing, and their exceptional customer service is what keeps me going back.

Dale Holland, Director of Maintenance:  My favorite Breckenridge shopping experience is at Space Cowboy!

Sarah Lavicka, Front Desk Manager at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7:  Magical Scraps on Main Street offers a very unique selection of handmade gifts from recycled fabrics. They also have super cute hats for children!

Josie Hedderman, Reservations Manager:  My favorite store is the Breckenridge Hat Company.  They have useful skiwear items and winter hats, in addition to fun hats, wigs, and costume accessories.  They carry clothing by the brand Life is Good© and they have plenty of costume jewelry and small gifts.  I am glad we have this store in Breckenridge.

Mike Millisor, President:  I shop at Goods.  They have endured the test of time with great clothing and footwear.  I have shopped there for 20 years.

Olena Brack, In-house Sales Administrative Manager:  When I need to buy souvenirs for my friends or family, I always go to Mountain Style on Main Street. They always have good prices, great selection, and a friendly staff.

Tobias Bruning, Laundry Manager: There are a lot of really different and enticing Breckenridge stores, but my favorite is City Market, because it has all the food I like to eat!

Ryan Huff, Direct Marketing Manager:  My favorite store in Breckenridge is Columbia on Main Street.  I wish they had not put one right next to our office, that’s trouble for me!  I also like the Billabong store, as they seem to have pretty good sales a lot of the time.

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