What is Your Favorite Outdoor Activity in Breckenridge?

We asked some longtime Breckenridge, CO locals what their favorite outdoor activity in Breckenridge is, and here’s what they had to say:

“Breckenridge rafting. No, wait, Breckenridge skiing. Actually, it’s probably Breckenridge biking. Or just sitting on a sunny deck and drinking margaritas!” – Mike M.

“I really enjoy going for a hike in the mountains. You can hike to the top of North Star Mountain and look south, where you can see for at least a hundred miles… all the way to Colorado Springs, which is pretty amazing. I also love to jump on the Harley and riding through some great scenery and on some curvy Breckenridge mountain roads!” – Dale H.

“Mountain biking, of course.” – Kelley J.

“As simple as it is, my favorite outdoor activity in Breckenridge is walking with my dogs.” – Brad B.

“I actually just really enjoy strolling through downtown Breckenridge, sitting on a sunny deck or enjoying the array of different events hosted all year long.” – Heather O.

“Waterfall hunting!” – Laura A.

“Just being outside in the summer is nice enough, like reading a book down by the Blue River or simply walking around town. During the winter, I must say it is, of course, the skiing.” – Josh S.

“In the summer, I love to go to the Breckenridge Farmer’s Market in Main Street StGroup of Golfers playing a round in Breckenridgeation and I also like to check out all of the outdoor art shows. In the winter, I like to get a hot chocolate and just go for a walk down Main Street.” – Kit A.

“Cross country skiing in the winter is so much fun!” – Erin G.

“Playing 18 holes of golf in Breckenridge is something I look forward to all winter long.” – Rob M.

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