Planning Your Breckenridge Vacation: Hotel or Condo?

When planning a trip to Breckenridge, many guests are often faced with having to choose between staying in a hotel room or renting a condo. To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together some important factors to consider.

An excellent starting point when choosing between a hotel room or a condo is to answer the following questions:

  • How many beds will we need? If the answer is just one or two beds, than a hotel room might be the best choice for you and your travel companions. Larger groups may find that a 2 bedroom condo or larger is the best value for their group.
  • How many nights will we be staying? While a stay that is fairly short in length (perhaps just 1 or 2 nights) might lend better to choosing a hotel, condos offer the added luxury that most of us enjoy during a longer stay. Also, it is a good idea to check for minimum length of stay requirements whether you choose a hotel or a condo, as these will differ by property.
  • How much time will we be spending in our accommodations? The advantage of a condo is that it will usually have separate bedrooms. This means there is typically a separate common area or living space, where you can watch TV, relax and enjoy some added privacy.
  • Do we prefer to dine out or cook? If your idea of a great vacation includes sampling lots of the local fare, then a hotel room might be a better fit as the money you will save on your room can be spent on a great meal. However, if you enjoy creating your own meals in the comfort and convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, the extra cost of renting a condo may still be less than what you would have spent dining out.

While there are both advantages and disadvantages to staying in either a Breckenridge condo or a Breckenridge hotel, both lodging options typically provide access to some popular amenities. Access to pools, hot tubs and fitness centers are common amenities in Breckenridge whether you are staying at a hotel or in a condominium. In addition, many condos are actually located within a resort, and most resorts in Breck typically offer onsite restaurants and day spas, just like a hotel.

Grand Timber Lodge is an excellent example of a Breckenridge resort that offers fully equipped condos ranging in size from a studio to a 4 bedroom unit. Grand Timber Lodge also features the Lodgepole Bar & Grill, the Grand Victorian Day Spa & Salon, a fitness center, exercise classes, two pools, several indoor and outdoor hot tubs and a courtesy shuttle for added convenience.

Of course, hotels can offer some amenities that you may not find when staying in a condo. If you like staying at a hotel that offers a free breakfast, then you might prefer the cozy and congenial Breck Inn on Highway 9 in Breckenridge. At the Breck Inn, you will find a plentiful selection of continental breakfast options, including hot, homemade waffles and freshly baked donuts from a favorite local spot, Daylight Donuts. The Breck Inn also offers free Wi-Fi and features an onsite outdoor hot tub.

Hotels also typically provide complimentary daily housekeeping services, and the majority of condos in Breckenridge do not provide this type of service free of charge.  In contrast, many condos feature in-room washers and dryers, whereas hotels may only offer a fee-based laundry service.

Whether you decide to stay in a hotel room or rent a condo, Breckenridge Discount Lodging offers a variety of hotel rooms in addition to condominiums of all sizes. Give us a call or visit today so that we can help make your trip to Breckenridge a wonderful experience!

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